On Wednesday 6/3 I was called over to a table where it seemed feelings were about to spill over.

     It turned out that declarer, in the contract of 5S, had a Club suit of Kxxxxx in dummy facing J10x in hand.

     Left hand opponents cashed an Ace and switched to a Club, and when declarer called "low" right hand opponent

     mis-heard it as "top" and played the Ace from A,Q dubbleton.

     As there was already tension at the table, declarer was unwilling to let RHO change his card.

     Although no ruling was officially called for, I got Jonathan to look it up, and his (correct) ruling was that RHO was 

     not allowed to change his card. The opponents appealed the ruling, submitting that it was aginst the

     "spirit of the LSL".     

     Bridge is played differently in different venues; in a rubber bridge club, there would be no question that the defender

     could not change his card, while in tournament play it might be different.

     Most players in the LSL would not take advantage of the situation, and the same would usually apply to the actual

     declarer, except that on this occasion he had found the opponents somewhat irritating.

     I made some noises about not being happy with the situation although, strictly according to the laws,

     the non-offending side was in the right, and an appeals committee would have upheld the directors ruling.


     In a most pleasing turn of events, Team HINDEN, under the captaincy of Mike Scholtock, has announced that they

     do not want to win points in this fashion after all, and have offered to change the result on the board to 5S -1.

     The OC has gratefully accepted this, and I lead the applause for a decision that shows that sportsmanship is alive

     and thriving in the LSL.

     May the best team win!